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Cleaning and disinfection on farms is prevalent in biosecurity and animal health programs in livestock production.

Our mission is to bring animal health to all sectors of livestock production, offering the market innovative products: sanitizers, disinfectants, sterilizers and antiseptics that provide comprehensive solutions oriented to the needs of the industry, widely used in the livestock sector due to their effectiveness. in the prevention and elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, which cause the main diseases that affect cattle production. Its use in an integral way favors the productivity and profitability of the business.

We have three product lines:

Biosafety Line

Animal Health Line

Aquicola Line


EsteriClean® Bioseguridad

Sanitizing detergent, for use in livestock production. With superior efficiency by reducing microbial loads, it allows to easily remove dirt present on surfaces. Prevents the formation of biofilm, and has a deodorizing effect. It can be used in the production of organics

No. de Registro: Q-0702-006
Presentations: 5, 20,50 y 200 L

SoluVet® Bioseguridad

Disinfectant with broad spectrum germicidal action against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores present in livestock production facilities. With high efficiency in viral disinfection, it prevents the spread of diseases that affect animals and their production. It does not generate bacterial resistance and is safe to use in the presence of animals without risk of toxicity. Thanks to its neutral pH it does not damage the facilities. Ideal in the production of organic. It can be used as a cold sterilant for instruments.

Número de Registro: Q-0702-001
Presentations: 5, 20, 50 y 200 L


ESTERICIDE® Desinfectante para manos

Broad spectrum hand sanitizer that helps prevent and avoid the transmission of germs, favoring hygienic handling in livestock production farms. Fast acting and effective. It does not cause skin irritation as it does not contain alcohol.

Presentations: Kit includes: Dispenser, three 500 ml Cartridges and 500 ml and 1l refills. Gel 500 ml

No. Registro: 0670C2014SSA





Antiseptic solution for veterinary use with a broad spectrum of effective action as a preventive and treatment of infection in wounds in production animals. It acts locally and does not generate bacterial resistance.


Número de Registro: Q-0702-002
Presentaciones: 500 mL,1, 5L


VeteriBac® U

Antiseptic for intrauterine and intramammary use, preventive and adjuvant in the treatment of subclinical mastitis and infections in the uterus in production animals, prophylactic before insemination and after parturition. Due to its safety, it does not compromise production and no withdrawal period is necessary.

Número de Registro: Q-0702-004
Presentation: garrafa de 5L



SoluVet® Acuícola


Effective and safe germicidal disinfectant. It is ideal for disinfecting ponds, favoring the development of aquaculture organisms. It can be applied to animals, including production ponds, preventing diseases that could reduce the size and weight of the harvest.


Presentations: 50 y 200L

No. Registro: DGSA-DSAP-CSAUA-005(4)/2013



Freshness preservative for unprocessed foods with a broad antimicrobial spectrum that acts without modifying the physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics of food, while maintaining its nutritional value. Delays shrimp melanosis and oxidative rancidity of fish. Applied on shrimp marquettes, it reduces the bacterial load without the use of metabisulfite.

Presentation: 20L
Certificaciones: OMRI